Monday, December 17, 2012

To Do List

Number one, check. Number two, in progress. Fortified by more coffee. (It was on sale this morning, as was gasoline.) Number three will involve a new tire, its installation, and taking a book to the waiting room.

Or the new issue of Poetry East.

I am glad of the civic discourse that has begun (gun control, mental health) this Blue Monday, including an invitation to a conversation by our own mayor. I am avoiding the "conversations" that are still primarily rants, answered by rants; they seem to include cursing, pronouncements, and blame. Not much compassion. I'm OK with anger about this--I'm angry, too--but we can still be kind. Daily. Small, steady acts of kindness. It takes discipline and commitment, courage, relentless attention. It's hard. But good.


Sandy Longhorn said...

They put gasoline on sale where you live? Lucky you!

Yes to small, steady acts of kindness. Every single day!

Kathleen said...

On sale as in under $3.

Yes, kindness rocks!

Cathy said...

Please make bad people go away. Thank you.

Kathleen said...

That's #3. I'm lousy at it. But I keep trying.

seana graham said...

I'm very good at number one on that list, but not so great on number two.

Molly said...

That is my to-do list every day! Except tomorrow -- your post reminds me: 1. drink coffee 2. get gas! 3. rest of the stuff.

I recently subscribed to Poetry East and I have to say I love the issues I've seen so far.

Enjoy your to-do list.