Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lump of Coal

I was such a slattern yesterday that I spent almost the entire day wearing an apron covered with flour. This did, at least, result in delicious chocolate oat bars made with organic oat flour and some cinnamon-sugared roasted soy nuts and chocolate-covered roasted soy nuts. I think I got the roasting right on the latter. Is it possible for soy nuts to take root and grow in the belly if not completely roasted? Let me know!

I guess I also did laundry, taking off the apron for that. Or maybe that was Friday, on which I also wore an apron. The days of the week are getting scrambled now, just like the eggs.

When I was out shopping, I saw some grinchiness--impatient driving, scowly face from a woman who thought my dad bumped her gigantic white SUV with his car door. He's 80, it's icy, the lot spaces were not designed for her gigantic car, etc. He did not dent or mark her car, but the scowl did not leave her face. Sigh...

Also, a lot of sweetness and friendliness out there, thank goodness.
But I have been a bad girl at Goodreads. While it's a great place to keep track of what you read, I don't keep good enough track. Also, I joined a lovely poetry reading group, and, while I am reading my usual amount of poetry, I am also not keeping up with the reviews there. I deserve a lump of coal.

Bad Girl at Goodreads was the alternative title for this entry. I thought better of it.


Sandy Longhorn said...

You are the last person on earth who should receive a lump of coal!

Thanks for the bright roses on a gloomy sky day!

seana graham said...

In an odd coincidence, I just posted a link on my story blog to a story I wrote a couple of years ago. It too is called "Lump of Coal".

Collagemama said...

I do not know if the soy nuts will take root and grow in the belly, but I have a weird coincidink. Had a miserable couple days this week that I'm blaming on consumption of a large quantity of undercooked barley. Pretty sure it took root!

Do have a happy tummy!

Molly said...

Oh dear, if all that cooking plus laundry plus lots of reading makes for a slattern, then I know not how to classify myself! :) I, too, have been known to sport a flour-dusted apron lately (also forehead) and the laundry monster is never tamed. Also, I confess to being a Scrooge-y Mommy yesterday (better today). Enjoy all the sweets and the books.

Kathleen said...

Thanks, dears! Happy baking and cheery chores to all!

Seana, I found your story! Darkly funny! Christmas noir!

Collin Kelley said...

Happy Christmas, Kathleen. No coal, all diamonds. :)

seana graham said...

Thanks for reading it, Kathleen. You are indeed a diamond!

Merry Christmas!

Cathy said...

Goodreads exists for you. You do not exist for Goodreads.

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