Friday, December 14, 2012

Weeping, Down Low

It was a beautiful day here, and tonight we go to the high school to see the Senior Art Show. The morning had started with a flat tire, so, for a while, I escaped into Glee. I baked banana bread, made homemade gifts, involving glue, collage, listened to holiday music. Oh, what a lovely, lucky life I live. But then, in the afternoon, my husband brought home the bad news about the shootings in Connecticut, the people lost, the children. I sought out the news. The Charter for Compassion shared this image, and it is how I feel, too. There's something terribly wrong.


Collagemama said...

Parents brought us the news as we were putting the children into cars at afterschool car-line. Something is terribly wrong, and it sickens me that our country has not dealt with the problem. How many Columbines must we witness before we parents raise a larger voice than the gun lobby?

Kathleen said...

Oh, it must have been sad and scary to get the news at that time.

Kim said...

I heard it on the radio during the day. I made sure I told my kids right away, I wanted them to hear it from me not from the TV reporters. Especially after I heard one talking-head blaming the shooter's "learning disability." I felt ill after hearing that kind of authoritative BS.