Monday, December 3, 2012

Rose-Colored Glasses

The early morning sky was the color of these roses. It's unseasonably warm here, a thunderstorm predicted. So the current blue sky on a Blue Monday may turn black-and-white rose colored soon. Wouldn't that be something? To see thunderheads billow up as these roses?

I'd been in a season of rejections, poetry-wise, but got a recent acceptance from Redheaded Stepchild, which specializes in publishing poems that were rejected elsewhere. Thank goodness for them! So if you have been in a Rejected Slump, be sure to check them out!

And, yes, the editors are redheads! Yippee!

Meanwhile, I've also moved into a season of synchronicity, when everything fits together. In addition to Life of Pi and Simone Weil, I'm now also reading The Gift, poems by Hafiz translated by Daniel Ladinsky; they are hitting the spot.

Randomly yesterday, EIL poet Ron Hardy mentioned that he was reading The Gift. "By Lewis Hyde?" I asked, and was correct. This The Gift is about "gift culture," reciprocity, and so on, and on! I am so lucky to have met Ron in person after featuring him at Escape Into Life! And now to live in the same town. Oh, what a joyous Random Coinciday! Be sure to check out his feature sometime. It has a bow on it.


Maureen said...

Ladinsky is one of my favorite translators.

Thanks for the tip on Redheaded. And congrats on not getting rejected.

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Maureen. That made me giggle.

seana graham said...

I love the idea of the Redheaded Stepsister's project. And glad you got an acceptance there.

A bit off topic, but I have been noticing over the last week or so, everywhere I look, I come across something about Tennessee. I don't know if I'm just noticing it more because one of the new guys at work hails from there or what exactly, but it's haunting me a bit. So I randomly clicked on Escape Into Life and what should there be but a Joe Wilkins poem, 'Memphis Closes Her Eyes'.

Not that I mind being more aware of Tennessee, but it's all a bit disconcerting.

Kathleen said...

Seana, a Joe Wilkins book arrived today in the mail, making it a Random Coinciday for sure!

seana graham said...


Cathy said...

The flowers are the same color as our sky, too--gray. I love it! Tomorrow, I think I'll live my whole day in black and white.