Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All You Need is Love

Happy Valentine's Day.

Imaginary playlist:

"All You Need is Love," by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, as sung by Ewan McGregor in the film Moulin Rouge.  With a bit of "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McCartney thrown in, as sung by Nicole Kidman. Plus, "I Will Always Love You," by Dolly Parton (which might, in the soundtrack of your head, be sung by Whitney Houston).

But if you need something quirkier, you can go here or here for a wild array of love poems. Or here for a clever use of subtitle.

My husband and I will be celebrating with junior high volleyball. We love it.


Hannah Stephenson said...

Oh, I love that song from Moulin Rouge! Happy V-day, Kathleen! Good luck to the volleyballers.

nene said...

If we celebrated once a week, all year around, Valentine's day our economy would be at a 10% growth.
This is a day founded by an entrepreneurial concept to sell, diamonds, chocolates, flowers, cards dining out, cars with large bows tied around them and anyhing else our wives and girlfriends desire :).
If celebrated 52 times annually, the consumer revenue brought in from this celebration,true capitalism, we could pull our nation out of our deficit and be able to fight three wars at one time(cynically analogized)and pay for all ourselves.

Wow, the price of Love

Happy Valenine's Day

nene said...

Forgot to congradulate your hubby, tony, for his coaching and good luck to your volley baller.

happy 'V'

Molly said...

I am celebrating with the Kindergarten and the second grade (somehow kept under the radar for the fourth grade). Maybe I will see my husband later? I gave him a card that said: "Happy Valentine's Day. I'm not sick of you yet." :) Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Collagemama said...

I need more chocolate! Milk Duds used to be the key to soccer victories...

Ruth said...

I trust the Valentine love resulted in a volleyball victory!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the love, all! Yes, Ruth, we won again!