Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dublin Street Poet

I almost called this Crazy Girls at the Riveria Hotel & Casino, but I thought better of it. But when you click the link to Peter Goulding's stammering poet blog, you'll know why!

See? And see why I did not use that particular image (in addition to not knowing whether it is copyrighted)? (But I am pretty sure, because of the little poem underneath, that that is Peter Goulding's back, and Peter Goulding's hand.) How about that shiny bronzing?!

Anyhoo, it seemed perfect for Slattern Day in the blog, a day on which I will not be blogging much longer and, instead, defying Slattern Day with a heck of a lot of housecleaning.

But what I really wanted you to see, and so I am sending you back, is the wonderful entry (scroll down past the "bums") on Pat Ingoldsby, Dublin poet, who sells his many books on the street. Goulding tells us that Ingoldsby used to be in children's television, and now he writes poetry. I admire his gumption and sense of humor. An Internet friend in Dublin alerted me to all this after buying one of Ingoldsby's books! I am glad all around this lovely, sunny, blue-sky Slattern Day in the USA.

Speaking of "birds" (British slang for females), you can acquire this painting by Pamela Callahan in the benefit auction coming up April 20 at Woman Made Gallery's 20th Anniversary Gala!


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No ifs or ands, but this was enlightening.

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