Monday, February 27, 2012

Pick Up Sticks

Today the sky is blue for a Blue Monday in the blog, and I hope the tem-perature goes up into the 50s again, because I need to go outside and pick up sticks in my yard and my parents' yard after yesterday's wild wind!

Imaginary playlist:  "Pick Up Sticks," by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, followed by "Take Five."

It'll be a gigantic game of pick-up sticks, leading to the woodpile.

Thanks to Heurtelions for this lovely picture of Jeu de Mikado, or pick-up sticks!

Speaking of sports and games, I have a poem in the current issue of Intentional Walk, a new journal of sports poetry! What a perfect title for such a journal, eh? After a sportsy hello from editor Greg Weiss, you'll see a wonderful variety of sports poems, including my "Swimmer's Ear."

Looking forward to summer and lap swimming, yessiree!


Dale said...

Ah, now, that makes me miss swimming!

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Dale!

Kathleen said...

Update: Sticks picked up!

Collagemama said...

I am crazed! My Take Five cd has to be somewhere in this condo. I've already checked in the car. Must find. Must find.

Kathleen said...

I seem to drive you a little crazy frequently!