Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blown Away on Leap Day

Picking up sticks again in my parents' yard this morning, this time due to last night's thunderstorm, I was almost blown away.

Whimsical pause for hilarity: A Mighty Wind

At least the branches in my arms might have served as wings! And almost did. I might have leaped into the air on Leap Day and stayed there for a while.

I was also blown away by these poems from Michaela A. Gabriel! And this collage art by Alexis Anne Mackenzie! I was beginning to line up poetry features for March at Escape Into Life, and when I read these "The day I fell in love with..." poems by Gabriel, they seemed so perfect for Leap Day, a day when women can declare their love in "unconventional" ways, that I posted them on this special extra day of February.

There's a golden ring hanging from the split rock above, so a marriage proposal hovers, too, and butterflies are circling in the poem. Oh, this makes it a Random Coinciday in the blog, as well as a Poetry Someday and the Hump of the Week!

Happy Leap Day to all!

Whimsical pause for hilarity: 30 Rock: Leap Day

And safe travels to all who are meeting rain, snow, or...a mighty wind.


Maureen said...

Lovely feature at EIL!

Happy Leap Day!

Kathleen said...

Thank you, and you, too, Maureen!