Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Luxury, Blue Lace

Today's book for the Sealey Challenge (a book a day in August) is Luxury, Blue Lace, by S. Brook Corfman, winner of the 2018 Rising Writer Prize (Autumn House Press, 2019). It's one I read outdoors on a beautiful afternoon and early evening, knowing I just needed to immerse myself in it and would not exactly understand but simply experience this identity journey with a wonderfully collagey feel. The Notes at the end mention some of my faves!: Sarah Ruhl, Emily Dickinson, Chekhov. Here are some lines I love:

"The shock of the person walking around when you realize: the person is you."

"Here's the space between two people, which is the same as the space between three, between four, between one."

Somehow the cover image (by Sarah Walko) does that, too, the spacing magic. While I was reading, the neighbor children came out to play in their fort, on their deck, on their trampoline. 

" I can feel myself saying, I used to want     to be a girl---" 

"Only beauty still moves me     a dead man writes."

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