Saturday, August 20, 2022

Want Books?

The other day I tried to give away a bunch of wonderful poetry books and chapbooks at an open mic event, but, like me, after reading the Marie Kondo book, many people these days are avoiding more accumulation of books, no matter how much they love them! If you, however, as readers of a poetry/reading blog by a blogger who attempts the Sealey Challenge each August, if you would like a little box of books, a sampling of the kinds of things I read and respond to here, please send me an email (via the Contact-Info page of this blog, above) with your address and I'll send some along! You might create a little pile in readiness for next August, adding things you select on your own to the little grab-bag I'll send you. It might take me a while to send it off--busy here!--but I'll get to it eventually. If there's a particular book you want, that you've seen here this August or a past August, let me know, but I will probably save/set aside some of these books for sentimental reasons...and won't send them off till I do the sentimental weeding stage of the Kondo cleanout. Sigh... I love books.

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Kathleen said...

I just re-read Heidi so goat's milk is on my mind.